Integrating What You Do With Who You Are

Actualize your sense of purpose by exploring the 8 Dimensions of Self Awareness

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You will spend much of your life in the pursuit of and doing "work". Work provides you the basis for maintaining a livelihood, developing a career, and enhancing your personal satisfaction and growth. Through work, you have the opportunity to pursue lifelong learning and develop new behaviors and skills  to fulfill your deepest needs, desires and sense of purpose.

As you  discover and better understand yourself, you can approach work from the perspective of continually coming to terms with what in your experience nurtures you and what you must move through or beyond.

In this course you will be guided to explore the 8 Dimensions of Self Awareness that form the basis for actualizing your current and ever changing relationship to the work you do in the world.

By completing the exercises in this course you will:

  • Explore the multi-layered dimensions of self-awareness that interweave into how you “show up” in what you do.
  • Acknowledge your essential values, beliefs, assumptions and diversity as you confront inner and outer conflicts that affect your ability to more intimately and deeply connect with yourself and others.
  • Develop a plan to actualize your sense of purpose and expression of service through ongoing awareness and self-reflective practice.

Intended Audience: Students, Career Transition, Job Seekers

Course Curriculum

How Do People Typically Choose Career Paths
Key Elements of a Life's Work
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The 8 Dimensions
Mindful Breathing Exercise
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Who Are You?
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Download and Complete Exercise
Download and Complete the Circumstances Exercise
My Best Experience
Download and Complete the Convictions Exercise
Download and Complete the Connections Exercise
Download and Complete the Creations Exercise
Download and Complete the Consensus Exercise
Download and Complete the Confluence Exercise
Your Perfect Work
Mission Statement and Next Steps
How Can I Help?

Michael Baroff